Jerry Hirshberg is a painter living and working in Del Mar, CA. However, he is probably best known as one of the world's leading industrial designers. What Mr. Hirshberg is less well known for is his life long passion for and commitment to painting. No matter how encompassing his career and accomplishments in design became, he continued to paint throughout his career. Since leaving design, he has become dedicated solely to painting, and has been working on his bamboo series since 2000.

  • Represented by the Danese Gallery, New York.

  • Showed at the Basel/Miami Art Fair, 2008

  • Studied Liberal Arts and Engineering at Ohio State University, and received his Bachelor of Arts in painting and design from the Cleveland Institute of Art.

  • Graduated with honors, and received the Mary C. Page Travelling Fellowship for study abroad upon graduation.

  • Awarded an Honorary Doctorate degree in 2004 from his alma mater, the Cleveland Institute of Art, (only the third time in their 125 year history).

  • Was Founding Director and President of Nissan Design International, which went on to create an award-winning collection of automobile as well as general product designs for an international group of clients.

  • Was seen as "the most recognizable automobile designer in America" (N.Y. Times, 6/30, 2000) and one of he world's foremost industrial designers.

  • Given a one-person, 20-year retrospective of his design work in 2001 at the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla, California.

  • Author of acclaimed book on creativity,The Creative Priority, published by Harper Collins and Penguin/Viking overseas, named one of the 25 all-time greatest books on creativity by the EACI (European Association of Creativity and Innovation).

  • Has spoken on art, creativity and design to professional and governmental organizations both here and abroad, and to Universities such as Harvard, Brown, Berkeley, UCLA, Stanford, the Rhode Island School of Design, etc.

  • Named San Diego's first Chairperson of Public Art.

  • Served on several NEA Design/Art panels in Washington DC

  • Has works in several private collections coast to coast

  • Has been selected for the May Show at the Cleveland Museum of Art